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Here are some of our exclusive features that will help you make choice.

Cloud License with NAT Logs Management

No more botheration of managing User Logs and NAT logs as everything is managed here very efficiently by saving the logs on Cloud with 24 x 7 uptime and you can have Multiple users logged in your Network as per your need.

Realtime Monitoring

Realtime Monitoring feature will help you trace the glitches or challenges arise within the smooth working so that you can easily respond to the challenges and throw it out from your smooth working process.

IPV6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) Supported

Hassle free and faster data exchange is now possible with our IPV6 Supported software. With Our IPV6 Supported software you will have an enormous experience of receiving and sending data in faster way.

Disaster Management Tool

With the exclusive feature of disaster management our product gives you complete peace of mind even in the situation of disaster. Here the regular practice of automatic data backup leaves no chance of data loss at all.

Multiple Authentication Support

Here we are delivering the Authentication System with multiple choices like PPP, Hotspot, MAC, Lease, EAP and not least but OTP base Authentication. You can go with any of the choices to make your services more secured and authoritative.

Integration with All type of NAS

Integration with all types of NAS is possible with our product. Any gateway you possess our software is able to be integrated with your gateway for sure.